What is a Timed Online Auction and how does it differ to other auctions?

A timed online auction is an automated sale that runs for a specified window of time. During that time, users may leave bids on a lot. Unlike our other auctions, these auctions occur without a live auctioneer.

  • All bids are placed via the online catalogue only and are executed immediately.
  • You are automatically notified if you have been outbid on an item, and you are given the opportunity to submit a higher bid.
  • On Sale Day, the lots will close consecutively (usually from 10am), at one-minute intervals.
  • If there are multiple bids within the last five minutes of the lot closing, the closing time is extended for a further five minutes to allow for competitive bidding.
  • When the lot has closed, it is sold to the highest bidder.
  • Bids can be altered up to two hours of the sale closing. Only three lots can be cancelled per auction. After this time, bids can only be increased and are final, so please bid with confidence.

Please note that a 2% surcharge applies to all winning online bids.

How to Bid in a Timed Online Auction

1.  Create an account & register to bid
If you haven’t already, create an account (it’s free and takes seconds to complete). A credit card will be required at this stage for verification purposes. Gibson's does not store any credit card information and will not charge the card without permission.

Click ‘Register to bid’ on the lot page, which sends a request directly to our staff. You may be asked for some information, including a copy of your photo ID if you are a first-time bidder. Once you are an approved bidder with Gibson’s you will not need to provide this information again.

2. Check your email
Once your registration has been approved by Gibson’s, you’ll receive an email notifying you that you are now able to bid. Your status will remain ‘pending’ until you are approved by a staff member. You are still able to browse and bid whilst pending. Pending bids are actioned automatically once you are approved.

3. Place your bid
You can place an absentee bid during the timed online auction – we recommend leaving the highest bid you are comfortable with. Bidding will slowly increase to this maximum only if there are competing bids. If you are outbid, you will be notified via email and your online profile. You can then up your bid, if necessary.

5. Congratulations, you won!
After you win, we can help you navigate the Payments, Collections & Shipping process. Gibson’s requires payments and collections to occur within three days. Book a time for an in-person collection via the online booking link on your invoice or call 9500 2607.

Note: Be sure to review the Terms and Conditions for each sale and contact us directly if you have any questions.