Featuring a wonderful assemblage from five passionate collectors, this auction seamlessly blends a mixture of modern and traditional furniture and collectables, complimented by the remarkable collection of Indigenous Australian art from The Julie Hickson Collection (Lots 238–274).

Property from the Collection of Andrée Harkness (Lots 1–105) and Private Collection, Melbourne (Lots 275–350) presents a curated selection of European furniture and collectables, whilst 17th/18th Century furniture, Japanese lacquers and other fabulous Asian works of art are represented by a Private Collection, Brisbane (Lots 106–237), strikingly juxtaposed against 20.21 Century Designer Furnishings from a Royal Domain Apartment (Lots 351–403).

Private Collections

Sunday 5 June


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+61 (03) 9500 2607

The Julie Hickson Collection of Aboriginal Art


25 years ago acclaimed songwriter, Archie Roach and his partner, Ruby Hunter, set out with their family, a band and a camera crew to do a pioneering tour of Indigenous communities on Cape York. Julie Hickson was their manager and tour manager and bought these historically important, seminal works directly from the Lockhart River Art Gang artists whilst on tour in the region.

“I remember the frenzy that was in the community, the excitement that Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter were coming to Coen.”
- Lucretia Creek, Coen Resident

At the time, the now famous Lockhart River Art Gang was in its infancy. Formed in 1995, the Art Gang is comprised of local artists spanning generations who work out of the Centre to produce works of art across differing media including acrylic painting, ceramics, weaving and carving.

The group started by concentrating on the production of fine art printmaking and has evolved to into a recognised group of talented artists that tell traditional and cultural stories from their areas of Country. The Art Gang has nurtured artists including Fiona Omeenyo and Rosella Namok, who have gone on to gain international recognition for their work.


Lockhart River artists are represented by galleries across Australia and across the globe including;

  • Art Mob Gallery, Hobart Tasmania

  • Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney NSW

  • Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery, Wangaratta Victoria

  • Samurai Gallery, Cairns QLD

  • Suzanne O'Connell Gallery, Brisbane QLD

  • North Site Contemporary Arts, Cairns QLD

  • ‘Our Way: Contemporary Aboringinal Art Form Lockhart River’, The University of Queensland Art Museum

  • Sandra Bardas Art Gallery, Victoria

  • Booker Lowe Gallery, Houston Texas, USA

  • Arts d’Australie, Paris, Museum Collection Switzerland (Fondation Burkhardt-Felder Arts et Culture, Musée de l'art aborigène australien "La grange", Musée de l'automobile "Le manège", Château d'Ivernois


The Julie Hickson Collection of Aboriginal Art includes ethically-sourced works by members of the famed Lockhart River Art Gang and works by other significant Indigenous artists, and forms part of Gibson's Interiors | Private Collections auction this weekend.

Pictured: Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter and Julie Hickson take time out by a billabong during the Cape York Tour, 1997

View The Julie Hickson Collection of Aboriginal Art.