Gibson's is taking on Coastrek!

This year, members of Gibson's including CEO Jennifer Gibson and Business Manager Deanna Baxter are hiking for healthy hearts by taking part in Coastrek, Australia’s most iconic hiking challenge, proudly supporting the Heart Foundation. Along with thousands of other Coastrekkers, mostly women, we will be walking 20km to improve our own health, fitness and wellbeing - and fundraise for heart health.

Heart disease remains the leading single cause of death in Australia, taking the life of one Australian every 30 minutes. Thankfully, you can make a difference by donating and helping us raise life-saving funds for the Heart Foundation. There will be meaningful chats, lots of laughs, camaraderie and connection, and a sweet, sweet feeling of exhilaration when we shatter our Coastrek goal after months of training and preparation.

All fundraising from Coastrek in 2024 will go towards supporting the Heart Foundation in their mission to help end heart disease.

​If you would like to support our team and Coastrek's goal, you can do so by donating here.